• Fwsy

    Marc Leikach

    Chief Executive Officer for Circa eSports...Read More

  • Gazer

    Jonathan Tavares

    ...Read More

  • Silver

    Marco Cruz

    Chief Admistrative Officer and Content Manager for Circa eSports...Read More

  • Crehd

    Kenneth Coulter

    Chief Marketing Officer • Communicating between outside companies for sponsorships and cross brand promotions •Assesses marketing opportunities and target markets together with team develops, implements and reviews marketing plan according to market playbook •Tracks marketing plan goals according to revenue goals •Tracks and reports financial results/impact of all marketing initiatives •Evaluates, documents and coordinates all donation requests and community involvement; coordinates charity, cause marketing and community involvement efforts Coordinates and attends networking events and trade shows...Read More

  • Huntah

    Hunter Specht

    Chief Operating Officer for Circa eSports...Read More

  • CircaJaxk

    Connor Gaymer

    Cheif Creative Officer for Circa eSports...Read More

  • circadrew

    Andrew Talbert

    Media Director of Circa eSports...Read More

  • dalonzo4451

    Damian Alonzo

    Esports journalist published on PC Gamer, VentureBeat, ESPN, and Ginx TV. Overwatch and fighting game enthusiast - Pharah/Guile/Sub Zero...Read More

  • Bearrick

    Jerrick Clarington

    Hello there! My name is Jerrick Clarington. I am 25 years old disabled veteran from the U.S Army, I have always been an avid gamers since I was young, I've always been one to be competitive and constantly used to strive to beat my siblings in Mortal Kombat, and Street fighter when we were younger. This competitive streak pushed forward more when I got a hold of call of duty and began competing locally, I never got into being a competitive player at a young age and instead chose to enlist in the Military following my families footsteps in keeping the tradition of serving going for multiple generations. After getting out of the military I went back to my love of FPS games for a short time before also returning to fighting games! I joined Circa around June 2015 as a content creator and began to work my way up before finally taking the position of Youtube Content Manager. My number one goal with being in the org is to create a family of content creators, people who love video games and who love making videos to come together and constantly support each other!...Read More

  • Jhunze

    Jhunie Custodio

    I like video games. I help cover events and live tweets for Circa eSports!...Read More

  • Rage

    James Wilkinson

    Brand Ambassador of Circa eSports. ...Read More

  • Circa Frost

    Jarrod Huffman

    General Manager ...Read More